Something about death

My most important passion project out there. Something about death or SAD starring Thomas n' Mickael is a story i've been constructing since 2018 more or less...but I began to care a lot more about it since 2020! The plot is basically mickael (a living dead) wanting to die and have a goddamn rest for once and all and his friend Thomas (a man who's a little bit too obssesed with death and unconventional stuff) wanting to help on anyway he can. There's other bunch of OC's who contribute to the history but they aren't so well constructed...Yet!
Anyways I love this pair.
Their dynamic is the next one: Mickael being a grumpy ass mf and thomas being a too affectionate weirdo and not respecting mickael's personal space
Anyways , mickael is thankful for thomas help and deep down inside appreciates his way to be. (They basically complement each other but mickael's never gonna admit it! :)!)

There's a lot of more characters who contribute to the history,they're cool and they're nice. (Except Paul and the church mfs)