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Thomas Campbell


December 12th (♐︎), 1968
(30 years old in 1998)
Northern England

Merchant,Delivery service,Alchemist (Self-taught apprentice)


6' 0" (182 cm)

176 lbs (80 kg)

olive green

Pale cooper

Pale peach


English from his father's side,Scottish from his mother side. Both religious and devoted to christianism.


Taxidermy,clandestine autopsies,organizing collections,fishing,

Favorite Food:
Biscuits,stargazy pie,Smoked salmon,Fish n chips

Noticeable British accent, sometimes speaks with a lot of enthusiasm.


Thomas Campbell is a 30 year old not-so-known alchemist,merchant & delivery man (formerly Medical examiner/substitute teacher) He has this tiny cottage/bussines in the woods,just outside the city. He’s creepily enthusiastic & weirdly optimistic and likes to talk a lot! A lot. He’s very self-absorved,very curious and has a strange fixation to death,because of that he studied forensics and today one of his hobbies is practicing taxidermy and doing clandestine postmortem examinations. Other of his hobbies is collecting all kind of things,his predilect things are vintage trinkets and shiny rocks. He also likes to buy a lot of clothes! Most of them are from the thrift store. When he’s not doing all those things he’s busy fishing in the river near his house.


TW: Mentions of violence,mental illness and nsfw stuff. On December 12th, 1968, Thomas Campbell was born. His father, Timotheus Campbell, is a well-known attorney, and his mother, Elizabeth Campbell, used to be a nurse before becoming a housewife.
Extremely religious mentality continued to permeate his home, particularly on the part of his mother. Who was a great believer in Christianity.
Thomas was the second and last child of the marriage. Timothy, their brother who is four years older than Thomas, was their first child.
His brotherly relationship was always complicated. Because he did not receive as much attention as his brother, who was always the focus of their attention and overprotection from birth, Timothy held onto something of resentment for a while. Timothy always felt like he was being left behind.

Thomas early years were spent in a little town in the north of England, and his home was practically outside of it.
His family never experienced financial difficulties but they only had the basic necessities. His father wasn't eager to waste money on useless stuff.
Thomas has always been a very curious person. When he was younger, he used to spend all of his free time reading old dictionaries and large encyclopedias that he could find in his house. One of those times he was a little tired of reading the same stuff every day so he took one of his mother's antique and heavy medical books, which had once belonged to her father and grandfather.
Thomas entire maternal family has been in the health care field.
Thomas didn't know what he would actually find there. He opened a page at random and found highly detailed medical and anatomical figures, perfectly illustrated. He turned the pages quickly, impressed with the grotesque illustrations. After a few minutes he abruptly closed the book, intimidated by the images.
However, curiosity had awakened in him. He did not want to continue looking at the book, not at that moment, but a doubt and curiosity arose in his mind.
Are we humans really like that inside?
What would the insides of other creatures be like?
These questions would become his interest and, years later, his greatest obsession.

Pt.1 After Thomas turned 11, the fights between his parents, who refused to divorce, became more and more present. They hated each other. Thomas's father had a short temper,and his mother wouldn't listen to reasons either. They were both ticking time bombs that would explode at any moment.
His father was the first to do so.

One night he arrived,quite drunk,they had never seen him like this.He and his wife argued again,but it escalated too quickly,threats of physical violence were made. Timothy stepped in between the two to defend his mother,this made his father even more furious,who decided to put him in his place with a heavy blow to the skull,delivered with the fireplace poker. Timothy took a few steps backwards, and suddenly fell to the floor, starting to bleed. All the while, Thomas simply hid behind an armchair with his hands over his ears. He used to do the same thing every time his parents argued.
Timothy fell close to him, and the two looked at each other for a few seconds before Timothy was knocked unconscious and began to spill blood from the side of his head.
This experience would mark both of them for life.

Thomas doesn't remember any more,but it was probably his father who called the ambulance when he realized what he had just done,as Elizabeth was also unable to react with anything other than panic and screams.

Pt.2 Timothy was in a coma for a few weeks. When he woke up he had difficulty adjusting again, not to mention the titanium plate he now had in his skull and the epilepsy he had developed from the trauma.
Thomas tried to help him as much as he could and spent the afternoons with him in the hospital, playing cards or reading him some passages from his encyclopedias, Timothy did not usually react or pay as much attention to this. But he appreciated the detail.
After a while, Timothy finally got out of the hospital. And his parents were finally separating. Elizabeth would take care of her children,while Timotheus would simply take care of the financial needs,yet he did not stop communicating with his children. He felt...Guilty,despite of everything.

Pt. 3 Life at home was somewhat more difficult now. His mother had gone into a state of depression,combined with occasional bouts of hysteria and schizophrenia that she had been developing for some time and finally snapped. Thomas and Timothy had to take care of her. Timothy also had some difficulties now, the hardest part was getting used to it after leaving the hospital. On top of the mess that was life at home. Some days were better than others,not everything was horrible,some days they had a good time and their mother was not in a deplorable state. Other days were terrible, no doubt.

Two years passed, 1982. Timothy, now 18 years old, was in a better state than before. His epileptic seizures were rare. Timothy didn't really know what to do with his life now that he had graduated from high school, he simply decided that he would follow in his father's footsteps and go to law school. Timothy made a few phone calls with his father and after a few weeks, he was ready to move with him to the city where the university was located. He didn't want to leave Thomas alone with his mother, but he didn't know what to do, he wanted to do something worthwhile so he could help them financially and not be dependent on his father again.
He would visit them whenever he could, he was not going to abandon them.

[...] Thomas was now alone and in charge of his mother, who was only getting worse since Timothy left, she felt he had betrayed her by leaving home and going to his father.
Thomas didn't know what to do, so he spent much of his time away from home, studying things that interested him. He would do field studies, catching small animals and dissecting them, noting and trying to draw their anatomy on pages of old notebooks.
Timothy would visit them from time to time and they had a good time, and everyone's spirits improved when this happened. Elizabeth would prepare a feast for these occasions and Timothy would go fishing with Thomas, or just for a walk.

Timothy graduated in a relatively short time, thanks to the many contacts his father had that made everything so much easier for him. There was no problem with that. Timothy quickly started working and practicing his profession. After another three years he didn't need anything else.

Meanwhile, Thomas also graduated from high school, he was a little clearer about what he wanted to do.
He decided he would study forensic science. He also moved to the city while Timothy moved back to his hometown. He would continue to care for his mother while he set up his own office there.

Pt. 4
Thomas performed excellently in his studies. Time passed very quickly during that period. It did not take Thomas long to graduate as well. His internship consisted of being a hospital morgue intern and a substitute teacher at the university he attended. Thomas had no problem speaking and presenting about the things he was passionate about, so he was chosen for this position. Eventually he could be a full-fledged docent.

One day, he began to feel very strange, split. He didn't feel like himself, he was stopping eating and his spirits were getting lower and lower, he thought he was just stressed. So he ignored these feelings.

But one time it all went to hell. He had a fit of psychosis and hysteria in the middle of class. He physically attacked one of his students and left him quite injured, he had to be arrested and separated by several people. Nobody could explain what had just happened.

He was quickly prosecuted and Timothy returned to defend him in his case and see what he could do.
Among the psychological studies and tests that had to be done on Thomas in order to reduce his sentence, it was concluded that Thomas had indeed inherited his mother's schizophrenia and that it had been nothing more than a schizophrenic episode.
Timothy was able to reduce his sentence.
Thomas would not go to jail, but instead would be sent to a psychiatric facility for two to four years.

Pt.5 Thomas arrived at the hospital and,surprisingly, began to behave less inhibited in the hospital.He couldn't sink any lower, he thought. He made some friends in the lower-risk patient wing. And he also met Alexander, his first great friend in a very long time.
He spent almost every day talking and socializing with him. He found out that Alexander had a somewhat privileged position in that place, they said he was the son of some politician or something and had been there for at least 7 years. Thomas never asked him much about it. They even established a somewhat more intimate relationship, on the sly, of course. He discovered a lot about himself during his stay at the hospital.
However, apart from that, everything was pretty terrible. He had been cut off from his family for a long time. Neither Timothy nor his mother wrote to him very often, or perhaps the caregivers kept the letters. He didn't know for sure, but it was most likely because they enjoyed torturing and humiliating patients very discreetly.
Thomas took several of these humiliations and punishments. From asphyxiation to various electro shock therapies.

After a year and a half, Thomas couldn't cope with it, he wasn't willing to spend another day in that place. He proposed to Alex that they run away together. Alex could go back to see his family and maybe they could get a place together, in a more remote region. Alexander refused, he was afraid. He couldn't do it.
But he offered to help him escape. One night, Alex got him some clean clothes, his documents, some money and some personal cleaning supplies.
Thomas managed a little to diminish suspicions that he had just escaped from a psychiatric hospital. Alex managed to make a fuss to distract the caretakers of the place. Thomas, meanwhile, escaped through a hole in the structure of the building.
And he ran. He ran until he could run no more, until he felt like he was going to collapse, he felt like he was dying. After a while, he reached a bus station and took the first bus out of the city.

[...] After several hours, he finally arrived in his town, he was exhausted, but he just walked home, it wasn't that far from the station. When he arrived, it was still the same as ever. Nothing had changed. Timothy's car was parked at the curb.
Timothy was surprised to see Thomas when he came out in the morning.
No one mentioned anything about it and simply let him go into the house to take a bath and get some sleep. Later Timothy would get a call and face the fact that Thomas had escaped. They had a big argument after that, but at the end of it all, Timothy understood that it was hard for him to live that way. He would take the day off to sort all this out and at least try to reduce Thomas's sanction further.
For his part, Thomas simply took several of his belongings that he had left behind earlier and ran away as fast as he could, again. He decided he didn't want to put his brother and mother through any more anguish; it was better if they never saw him again, he thought.

Pt.6 (NSFW) After a few days on the road, sleeping in motels and surviving on a little money he had saved, he decided that this was a good place to settle down. A city totally unknown to him. Well, he'd better make it now. He got a small place to sleep for the time being and found work in a small pub as a dishwasher and waiter.
Eventually he would discover that the pub was a fairly regular meeting point for gay people. At the end of his shift he would use the time in the gloryholes in the bathroom to earn some extra money. Although sometimes he only did it for the sheer thrill of it.
Eventually he saved enough money to move to a better place. And in his spare time he started to frequent different bars that were close to his work. He met quite a few people there but things didn't usually progress beyond the occasional chance encounter. Occasionally he overindulged in drugs and had some bad experiences with it.

Pt.7 On one of those occasions he met Elaya, they quickly connected. They had good chemistry. Things progressed gradually, they kept seeing each other and eventually formalised a relationship. Elaya took it upon herself to correct several things about Thomas, who had already started to pick up certain habits which if followed, would bring great consequences sooner or later. Thomas had become Elaya's project. After a few months he moved in with her, introduced her to his family and also started working with her in her business. They learned from each other. Elaya shared his taste for magic, astrology and occultism. For his part, Thomas could only talk about his fascination with death and his past experiences. But he was undoubtedly completely fascinated by Elaya's knowledge and demonstrations.
Things were going well, Thomas discovered that nearby was a house that used to belong to his mother's family and they visited at least twice during their whole life. He decided that it was a good idea to start rehabilitating that place to spend time.

Pt.8 Thomas tends to obsess over the things he loves. At best he forgets about himself and devotes himself only to being useful to that person.
At worst, he becomes insecure, obsessive and more concerned with his own happiness at the expense of the other person.
With Elaya it was a combination of both extremes, strangely enough. She would realise this and after several arguments, finally bring him to his senses.
Thomas realised that he was being a total jerk and Elaya accepted that she had made him quite dependent on her.
They decided it was best to break up. They would remain friends but it was better to distance themselves for now. Thomas was grateful for everything she did for him and would finally move into that cabin he was fixing up.

Present day. After a while he managed to rehabilitate his house. And to earn a living he would visit the nearby village, which was mainly inhabited by elderly people whose children had moved to the city in search of a better life.
He would offer to work as a postman, sending mail to the post office which was in the city and sometimes just running errands for people in the city or just among the villagers themselves. He was quite friendly, cordial and charismatic so it didn't take long for people to take a liking to him.
During that time, he rediscovered how much he liked fishing, and he took advantage of the fact that his hut was close to a river.
In the meantime, at home, he adapted a small vegetable garden in his backyard, built a farmyard and bought two hens from Elaya's family, who had a farm.
He used all this time to rededicate himself to his greatest passion: dead things. He started practising taxidermy with field animals that he would find dead from time to time, or he would dissect them. He also preserved insects and fish in resin or jars.
Over time he accumulated many old books in his house, courtesy of the local library, and old trinkets/curiosities which, although they had no use, he found joy and tranquillity in collecting, sorting and observing them. Little by little he formed a routine that he fulfilled every day without fail.
That gave him stability and wellbeing, he felt that he finally had the quiet life he didn't know he wanted but he was grateful for it.


Facial features:

Has two crooked teeth on the right side of his mouth due not being able to remove one of his wisdom teeths.

Hair: Has a short straight hair,cutted and brushed by himself.

Body: His body type would be more like a bulky one. He's strong and has a good condition.

Fashion: His work clothes are usually a thick brown leather jacket,lightweight pants and some heavy strap boots with a steel cap & sole
When he's in home he wears the same excepting the jacket.

Accessories: He uses some big yellow tinted glasses,has myopia. He sometimes carries a big satchel.

Personal Life:

Childhood and scholar life
  • Both Thomas and Timothy were educated in the same way: The first years it was home schooling and then they were sent to school.

    Thomas did not like school very much. He was so used to the overprotection of his parents and withdrawing into himself that during his early years he could never fit in anywhere. The other children used to ignore him and sometimes mock him. Other times Thomas would carry some dead animals in his pockets that he would find walking around the school during recess and, after getting rid of their insides, he would show them to his class. He was proud of his results. But that only earned him the title of the creepy kid.

    As he got older, he understood somehow or other that if he didn't want to be made fun of, he had to do something else. He tried to function better and socialize more, making jokes and teasing the school authorities. He still didn't fit in, but at least now instead of being the weirdo, he was the funny weirdo.

  • Squizophrenia
  • He inherited his mom most mental problems,the most prominent one being his schizophrenia. He used to take a lot of medication back at the asylum. Now just takes a pill a day when he has a psychotic crisis and stops the medication when he feels better.
    When he's in psychosis takes an unkempt appearance and smokes a little,he preserves his funny way to be but in a ominous manner and also it's a bit anxious.

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