Prompt list

Before we begin,I want to say that I'm a man with simple tastes,I'll see anything related to my ocs and I will absolutely love it,so you can do whatever you want! 🥺
There's some prompts if you have troubles creating something.

Oh,a small tw. Thomas and Mickael moodboards contains images of high forested areas,death depicted in a artistic way,medical ilustrations and bones of humans and dead animals. If you don't feel comfortable with these kind of imagery it's completely comprehensible! Be careful!

First of all:Thomas 'n Maiki prompts

because my brain is rotten thanks to them. They're my favs ever.

 You can separate them and make individual things with each one! But if you want to keep 'em close then…😊

☆Thomas n Maiki doing mundane,slice of life stuff
☆Thomas always carries Mickael to his hobbies,like hearing music,preserving the bodys of little dead animals,talking about all his past experiences with him,eating biscuits and tea,fishing…. Everything! Mickael usually agrees to accompany him because he doesn't have any better thing to do.
☆Mickael has pica,he eats a lot of things he shouldn't and half of the time only notices it when feels a hard object making his way down his trachea.
☆Mickael has been eating Thomas trinket collection since he arrived.
and Thomas thinks that there's something on his house stealing his stuff and sometimes does night guard to trap anything that has been stealing his antique collection with high emotional value!
Mickael hasn't said that he's been eating them.
☆ Mickael sometimes really hates Thomas, he's easy to bother and Thomas personality makes him lose it very often, Thomas doesn't usually realize it because he's…kinda awful at noticing certain social cues.
But other times,deep down,really appreciates his way to be, he's thankful,for everything.
 But that fact doesn't changes nothing, Mickael will always be a neurotic,angry and hysterical bag of bones and cold meat.
☆Thomas likes that.
☆You can get wild with gore content with these two,mostly with mickael being the one spilling his guts out
☆You can change their clothes,mickael will always use hoboesque clothes and Thomas has a better sense of style
☆Their playlists represent some of their vibes and part of their stories,you can do something related. 🤔
☆You can play around their tropes and personality any way you want! Do as you please,just respect their dynamic! :)

Also! I would like to adjunct these fanfics who were made to me in the past!
I absolutely adore them with all my soul and I think they're a good way to inspire yourself if ya want to make something related.

"Cure" by Mikiri
"The acid bath episode" by Mikiri
"Thomas and Maiki go fishing" by Mikiri
"A trip to the beach" By Whimwitch
"Compendio"by @oholymotherfghost

There's three of them!?
Alex,Thomas n Maiki prompts. I like them and they hang out as the story progresses so something involving them all is nice too:

☆ You know what would've very good? Them,sitting at a corner shop at 1:00 am or something and eating...I don't know,instant soup. Except for Thomas because he hates instant soups,maybe he's eating some crisps or a sandwich...
☆ Alex and Mickael get along well,Alex is all calm and doesn't bothers Mickael as much as Thomas. They don't talk a lot tho,Alex doesn't knows how to properly talk to another human being,and Mickael doesnt has a lot to talk too...
☆ They both share a taste for sweet pastries and candy.
☆ Alex and Thomas have a nice relationship but things turn -kinda- angsty eventually. Alex has a lot of mixed feelings towards him,and Thomas doesn't feels what he used to feel when they both were younger,everything is more platonic now.
☆ Alex lives temporarily with Thomas n Mickael,just while he adapts to his new life.

Individual prompts


☆Thomas has a lot of hobbies,likes to try new things very often. Sometimes he realizes that those hobbies aren't for him and other times he really likes them. Maybe you can depict him taking care of his two hens called "Naomo" n "Cymbaline" ...I don't have designs for them yet but they're two gingernut rangers.
☆He collects a lot of things and it's kinda hard for him to get rid of all those stuff.
☆Tommy likes mean people.
☆Also, he's usually the bottom.
☆Can top if necessary tho.
And if you want sum graphic inspirations for anything then you...can...check out.... this pinterest board...i built for him...hehehe
oh btw Taron Egerton as Elton John from Rocketman is a nice faceclaim for him,kinda.

☆You can go completely visceral with him,he's incapable to die so...;)
☆Mickael loves flowers,his favorites are Dahlias and Marigolds but anything's good.
☆Animals seems to like him back a lot,must be the strange smell he iradiates. Animal atractor. He regularly wakes up because he feels some birds chirping on the top of his head,or a badger chewing his forearm,or some polecat trying to make his way inside Mickael's mouth,eugh.
☆There's his pinterest board too if you want to check for some inspiration. I dont have any faceclaim for him tho.

☆Alexander has been through a lot. A lot. So there's two options: You can put him on angsty and emotional distressing situations,or you can give him a rest.
☆You can make him being beaten up if you want too
☆Or make him getting the love he deserves 🥺
☆Have you seen that one 93" costco plushie? you could draw that with Alex,it would be a neat detail :)
☆Or just with any kind of plushie or cute things in general!
☆Funshine bear is his favorite carebear...
☆Oh,and Alex eating something is always good! Like a honeydew melon or lemon pie or...instant noodles!(they're easy to chew)
☆Hurt/comfort makes me soft... Talking about emotions too...nghh…
☆ He's...very easy to manipulate.
☆ he also has a pinterest board!! TW: BLOOD

☆Gorey things would be pretty cool given the context
☆His style of clothing is like those flamboyant outfits that were the trend in the 1960
but only on the beggining because after some months from the hole in the head he begins to use a old denim jacket and he also begins to look even more deranged every day.
☆He was kinda obsesive and impulsive at first (sometimes knows how to hide it,sometimes) but after the trepanation he gets pretty tamed and introspective,somehow (big brain hours)
☆ You can draw him along with this cute nurse called greenie! They're a good pair,tho she probably doesn't exist and it's a creation of his deteriorated mind to feel less alone.
☆ Maybe him being a bit of creepy stalker?

☆I like Ezequiel a lot too!
☆ Maybe you could draw him in some frame of Who can it be now because that song is literally him.
☆ The It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Pepe Silvia scene is literally him.
☆ Ezequiel's wears generic detective clothes (thought he isn't really a detective! he just likes the aesthetic) so you can dress him up as your favorite fictional detective :D
☆[Shares his pinterest board and spotify playlist with Mickael]

Misc stuff

uh,some videos i've made involving my oc's! just to take as a reference...There's some voice claims (in spanish) oh and I don't know another place to put these so yeah...

  • Greenie's voice (after Robert's) is too loud! Sorry!
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