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Fujofans web listing!

Amistad es amigo! Bonni's corner is the coolest corner.
Moon Flute button
One of the most tripping pages i've ever seen. Contains grotesque art and it's full of easter eggs.
scumsuck button
Full of art,full of old men and full of yaois! Contains the amazing DAFOE SHRINE.
rompopita button
A lot of colour,dynamic art,cool characters and boobs!
deflectric button
Pixel art,cute characters and yaoi reviews.
whimwitch button
Yugioh themed! A marvelous layout + poems,essays and photography.
misce button
Amazing writings + MAURICE!
zpires button
Full of rambling,shrines and in-depth character exploration!
pulporila button
Precious art,full of life and charisma.
A web button with three spark symbols and two stars, one after the other. Next to the text, there is a drawing of a boy with a bowlcut hairdo staring towards the right of the image. The button links to a site named MAPPAPAPA/WARNING.
A well crafted website,nice layout,astounishing art and shrines.
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You can link my page with this one!


Fool lovers:Full of cute,accesible and easy to modify templates!

SadGrl: Contains a lot of resources,templates and other html goodies. A basic if you're new on this world of html and web making.

Catbox: Free archive storage. Nice and simple.

Google Fonts: Tons of fonts,ready to use!

Free Frontend: CSS snippets.

NanoGallery2: JS Gallery builder.