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Roberto Sánchez

August 14th (♌︎) ,1958
(20 years old in 1978
40 years old in 1998)

Was a nurse. Now he's unemployed.


5' 6" (170 cm)

dark hazel




All his family comes from north-east Mexico,Robert was born on Phoenix,Arizona.


Watching old movies,soap operas and talkshows. Reading fashion magazines. Keeping his diary. Drawing
Stalking Vincent.

Favorite Food:
Enchiladas rojas

Raspy. Mr. Knight voice from the latinoamerican dub.
aaaaand maybe this song


Robert Sanchez is a gentle and helpful but kind of sick man. He got a trepanation that messed up a bit with his head. Sometimes he gets very introspective but other times he has a bubbly and happy personality. He worked as a nurse. Now he just donates blood and other fluids to get small money.
Sometimes he gets a bit deranged,consequence of the trepanation and brain damage,but apart from that, he don't lose touch with reality. The hole in his head is prone to bleed.
Robert can be pretty naive and a bit silly, sometimes even unintentionally, he's quite nice when he's lucid.


Robert's childhood passed normally, with a lot of shortcomings here and there due to being the son of Mexican immigrants living in the southern United States.
Robert had to work hard to get admitted to medical school,after his father died when Robert was a teenager. After getting a job,everything started to go better,he moved into a nicer house with his mother and bought a TV so he could watch soap operas and talk shows/late night shows.
Greenie was his co-worker during his first year at the hospital and even though they didn't share many things in common they became good friends.
When he met Vincent, he fell madly in love with him. At first he just watched him, but after being assigned to his area of work, he was able to get closer to him and let him share his thoughts with him.

He lived with his mother until the trepanation event, at which point he decided to isolate himself from everything and everyone and spend most of his days on the streets or in bars, only visiting a battered room to sleep. Sometimes when he feels introspective he decides to fill pages and pages of thoughts, cutouts from medical magazines and drawings.


Facial features: Has a small tooth gap.

Hair:Short length hair,he likes to keep it a bit messy,he styles it on the form of a mop top. Doesn't shaves,it's also trying to grow a moustache but his facial hair doesn't grows as he would want to.

Body: Skinny,ectomorph. Used to do exercise and was in a regular/good physical condition,but as the story progresses he keeps getting thinner and unhealthy.
Has several bruises on her arms due to needles going in and out due to the venous puncture from the blood donation.
Fashion:60's-70's clothing style,flared jeans,platform shoes and a shirt (can be plain or with patterns) unbuttoned on the chest. Green colours are his favorites.
During work he used the regular nurse uniform.



Greenie: Robert's best friend! They met at the hospital and worked together. Then,after being absent for some months she was back! Greenie takes good care of Robert when he doesn't feels very well and gives him good advice.

Vincent: Robert's biggest love interest (and medical performer). Robert was obssesed with him. Like OBSSESED. He even stole some of Vincent personal belongings when he wasnt on his office. Anyways,Vincent proposed to Robert to be part of his experiment and performed a trepanation on him,Vincent actually damaged some of Robert's brain tissue intentionally,but Robert does not know this.