Dime-Sized Drill Hole

Dime-Sized Drill Hole is the result of me watching too many lost media videos and getting invested on a particular video about skulls getting holes on 'em.
I got pretty surprised not going to lie.
After doing researches on "Heartbeat on the brain","the Billy and Mandy in Trepanation of the Skull and You" 1995 short film and a manga about a hobo who is a loser who likes to sleep on his car(It's called homonculus,pretty cool tbh) I said "wow i want to make a Oc who gets a hole on his skull and keeps geeting crazier and derranged every chapter"
And so Robert was born!! He's kinda soft,his history takes place in the 60's. Robert is a nurse who is crazily in love with a neurologist called Vincent that aspires to make relevant and important changes on the study of the brain and psichology. Robert is totally a SIMP so he offers himself as a guinea pig to Vincent experiments and finally gets to spend more time with his crush [he doesnt get laid tho:( ]
His entire character arc character is realizing that his feelings aren't going to be reciprocated and now feels pretty pathetic for getting on that situation for someone who isn't romantically interested on him. Also he's got another level of self awareness and mindfulness he wouldnt imaginate before but he's never gonna be the same person again. Turns out that making holes in people's skull actually works?? Wow.
He basically feels like when you read a shit ton of grotesque copypastes from reddit.
Also. Greenie. I...I dont know what to do with her. But she's so cute and pink I can't not use her! Also she fits on the theme! I just need to construct her better.

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