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Here i'll post my artist info,comissions updates and there will be the SHRINE of my beloved OC's hope y'all like it!
This site will always be a work in progress.

So! What's this about?

Let me introduce myself

Hi! I'm unlik3lyGrader,also known as Webo/Ezequiel. I'm a mexican digital artist. 20 years old. Spanish/english
As you may see,I'm not very good with introductions. Im just going to throw info so y'all may know me better...

I am an original character enthusiast.In fact,this site it's mainly a way to efficently save and manage my original characters with their worlds. So there's this BEAUTIFUL SHRINE I build for 'em. Feel free to check it out! Also I really love to read about others people original characters I like to read and create dark fiction,it adds a special flavor to the backgrounds & histories,I love the angsty feeling it leaves behind

Also I would like this to be and easy way to organize my comissions once I open 'em so yeah I'll open comissions very soon and I'll organise 'em here,maybe create a waiting list and publish the TOS...I have to put a to do list somewhere here...IDK this page has a lot of posibilites! Not going to lie maybe I'm a bit overhelmed with that but I'll keep organizing this place and giving it shape.


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